Global Principles

EC Source is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders. We do this by committing ourselves to the following principles:

SAFETY (Establishing Safety as the highest priority)

Protecting our workers is our top priority at ECS; a safe workplace is our culture at ECS.  Our daily goal is to send each employee home to their families at the end of each day in the same healthy condition that they arrived for work.  Good safety is also good business because it has considerable economic implications in the dangerous work of EHV transmission line construction.  A fatality resonates quickly through the industry.  Poor safety performance has significant and lasting impact on the reputation of a company among the small fraternity of national scale transmission contractors.  More importantly, poor safety performance excludes a company from being an acceptable provider of service to our clients.  Direct cost implications of poor safety performance include exposure to heavy OSHA fines, production loss, high workers compensation insurance rates, and law suits.  Safety performance often factors in contract award evaluation.  ECS will not sacrifice safety for profit or schedule performance.


ETHICS (Conducting ALL work with honesty and integrity)

In today’s global business world, lines often become blurred regarding the ethical and legal behavior of corporations or their individual workers.  Unlawful behavior and breach of business ethic standards have a devastating impact on the reputation, morale, and culture of an organization.  ECS subscribes to and promotes the highest ethical standards in both our corporate legal obligations and in the performance of each employee.

 EXCELLENCE (Creating a culture of absolute performance)

Few companies exist in North America capable of performing mega EHV transmission and substation project development and execution with predominately internal resources.  Successful execution in project delivery translates to value for ECS clients, our investment partners, the energy using public, and our employees.  A key to the legacy of the major EHV project successes of the ECS team members has been our understanding of project risk, taking proactive measures to mitigate those risk factors, and then managing that risk during project execution.  Achievement of excellence requires the professional competence of employees.  ECS will not compromise our high standards when staffing projects.  As we pursue continued performance excellence, we build on the past, focus on the present, and strive to move forward for improvement.  This approach enables ECS to guarantee project delivery performance.


ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP (Protecting the natural environment)

ECS' primary area of focus, providing EHV transmission for renewable energy sources in North America, is critical in supporting the global environmental cause of the 21st century.  As this applies to project execution, the linear nature and magnitude of these transmission projects demand the highest regard for compliance with environmental laws, permitting requirements, and public sensitivities during and even after project execution.  ECS harbors the professional environmental management talent and experience to meet those requirements, as demonstrated by a history of successful performances on environmentally challenging projects.


CITIZENSHIP RESPONSIBILITY (Recognizing our obligation as a corporate citizen)

ECS strives to maintain a workforce dedicated to the ideals and values on which our country was founded.  We aspire to conduct our careers and lives in the true sense of lawfulness and patriotism.  Our corporate focus of “Bringing Value to the Grid” supports national energy independence.  ECS strongly subscribes to employment of Historically Underutilized Businesses, (HUBs), as project requirements and conditions accommodate.