Testing & Commissioning

ECS is well positioned to safely and reliably test and commission all EHV substation and transmission systems, as the final part of its turnkey EPC approach, and independently as part of direct award testing and commissioning services. Providing this final piece to our turnkey model prior to energization helps identify and eliminate unsafe, costly and untimely outages and downtime.  It also sets the proper baseline for sound equipment maintenance going forward, ensuring reliable levels of operation. Knowledgeable and well-equipped technicians utilize the most modern test equipment available to set the stage for optimum service levels and system performance.

EHV, HV and MV Testing Services Provided:

Acceptance Testing;
Generation Systems
Wind Farms Collector Substations and Collector Systems
Solar Farm Electrical Systems

Preventative Maintenance Services:
Periodic Inspections
Annual and Multi-Year Programs
Thermography Studies
Oil and Gas Analysis
Scheduled Outage Services