MidAmerican – MVP 3 & 4 345kV/161kV Transmission Project - EPC

Installed 121 miles of double circuit 345kV / 161kV self-weathering steel monopoles including removal of existing 161kV in existing ROW. Installed / Expanded three 345kV Substations including O'Brien, Kossuth, and Webster. Installed 71 miles of MVP 4 transmission line of DC345/ 161kV self-weathering steel monopoles, including removal of existing 161kV transmission line in existing ROW. Includes one 345kV Black Hawk Substation Expansion. Includes all environmental, access roads, QA/QC, safety, steel monopole structures, conductor, hardware and assemblies, OPGW and static wire. Helicopter aided construction, polymer insulators, large drilled pier (cased and slurry drilled) full length anchor bolt foundations. Major outage and return to service constraints were required. All work, including both the transmission lines and substations were performed on an EPC basis.