Safety Culture

At ECS we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and a safe work environment. ECS is a safety driven organization, relentless in our commitment that safety is #1 with the goal of an accident free work place. Our safety program defines safety management systems to effectively implement the jobsite safety program which further defines individual responsibilities. We hold our subcontractors and alliance partners to the same safety standards and will provide “Electrical Safety Awareness Training” and other safety related programs their employees may require.

Safety is a key element and paramount of importance in the goal of an accident free work place. The most valuable asset is “Our Employees”. All employees entering our company will take part in our industry unique “Mentoring Program”. A mentor will coach the mentored in developing specific skills that will enhance the less-experienced person’s growth and safety culture of our organization. We are also members of ISNetworld along with many other safety related programs.

Our Current and Recent TRIF and EMR are as follows

Incident frequency rate EMR
2015:  0.97 2015:  0.58
2016:  0.54 2016:  0.64
2017:  1.06 2017:  0.69
2018:  1.98 YTD 2018:  0.69 YTD