EC Source Services, LLC is seeking a qualified Fire Marshal candidate to support a large extreme high voltage (EHV) electrical transmission line project that spans La Paz and Maricopa Counties in Arizona and eastern Riverside County, California. The approximate start and end points of the project site are Tonopah, AZ and Blythe, CA (125 miles in length).

The Fire Marshal directly oversees and manages fire prevention activities conducted EC Source Services (Construction Contractor) and its subcontractors, including fire investigations, plan review process, fire code inspection / enforcement, training of Contractor employees in the relevant areas of fire prevention, and is responsible for the overall administration of the project Fire Protection and Prevention Plan.

The Construction Contractor Fire Marshal will also inform each construction crew member of fire dangers, locations of extinguishers and equipment, safe locations, and escape routes would a fire exceed immediate control and individual responsibilities for fire prevention and suppression during regular safety briefings. Smoking and fire rules also will be discussed with the Construction Contractor and all field personnel during the Project’s environmental training.

The Fire Marshal reports to the Project Director and keeps the project personnel informed of all functions and important matters concerning fire prevention activities. The position also supervises personnel assigned to Fire Prevention. The majority of work is performed in an office environment with trips to locations in the surrounding community for the purpose of performing inspections, investigating fires and emergency scenes.


  • Train all personnel on methods of fire prevention, as well as the measures to take in the event of a fire.
  • Participate in communications with the Project Owner’s Compliance Inspection Contractor (CIC).
  • Issue current fire potential and fire safety warnings.
  • Perform inspections of contractor storage areas, especially areas where flammable materials are stored, to ensure safety measures are being followed.
  • Perform corrective actions when fire protection requirements are not in compliance.
  • Inspect tools, first-aid supplies and fire suppression equipment to ensure readiness in the event of an emergency.
  • Post smoking and fire rules at centrally visible locations.
  • Identify activities that present fire risk, issue warnings as appropriate and communicate prevention strategies to construction personnel.
  • Communicate activities that must be limited or modified during periods of increased fire danger. 
  • Periodically conduct briefings for personnel to remind of the requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Plan.
  • Enforce Project rules on smoking in the Project area, including prohibiting smoking in areas other than those designated by the BLM.
  • Report all wildfires in accordance with the notification procedures described in the notification section (below).
  • Report fires to 911 first and then to the CIC and Construction Contractor’s Project Manager in accordance with the notification procedures identified in this Plan.
  • Coordinate initial response to contractor-caused fires with the Project areas. Suppression activities would be continued until fire response agencies have arrived and taken control of the site. Fire suppression personnel and equipment, including water trucks, will be dispatched within 15 minutes from the time a Project related fire is reported if safe to do so. 
  • Assist with follow-up investigations of the fire incident with the CIC, FMO, and DCRT Project Manager as needed. Provide adaptive management measures, as necessary, to prevent future fire incidents. 
  • Manage rehabilitation efforts in accordance with DCRT directives and BLM approval.


The Fire Marshal qualifications shall be established by meeting minimum job performance requirements as specified in NFPA 1037 (Standard on Fire Marshal Professional Qualifications) (NFPA 2020). Candidate should possess 3-5 years of experience working in a marshal or inspector capacity.

  • A valid Driver’s License is required.
  • International Code Council or IFSAC Fire Inspector I certification is required.
  • International Code Council Fire Plans Examiner certification or equivalent education/experience is required.
  • IFSAC Fire Instructor I certification is preferred
Company: EC Source Services
Job Category: Safety
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Quartzsite - AZ

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