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Substation Construction

From preparing a site to commissioning a substation, utilities know they can turn to our team to power up their project.

Our crews know how to safely navigate their way around energized high-voltage bus equipment and other obstacles to construct what’s needed for customers.

Our construction of substations includes installation of conductors and high-voltage, low-voltage connections as well as connections for bus work.

We install, commission, and configure security assets to provide utility customers with the monitoring they require to protect their assets.

Whether it’s a substation, static var compensator (SVC), or security wall, our crews not only understand how to build it but also compensate for the low-bearing capacity of various types of soil.

We can deploy crews with state-of-the-art equipment and know-how to safely build new or upgrade existing substation and switchyard projects anywhere in the United States.

From pre-commissioning to start-up, our crews carry out all the general preparations, mechanical checks, and test procedures to deliver a fully operable asset.

When clients need high voltage power factor control and filtering, our teams can safely and securely set and connect capacitor bank equipment of various types.

With our engineering partners, we build world-class substations and switchyards that meet our utility customers’ power and security needs.