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Transmission Line
Construction & Repair

We safely repair, build and commission thousands of miles of medium to EHV transmission lines crisscrossing North America to improve the reliability of power for utilities and their customers.

Our crews tackle the installation of new lines, so utility infrastructure is less susceptible to outages caused by infrastructure failure.

Utilities call on our crews for projects like replacing existing conductors with new, higher capacity conductors and modifying or replacing pole structures.

The increasing power flow congestion on transmission lines makes live-line work appealing for utilities trying to improve reliability without interrupting power delivery; our crews are certified to perform live-line work up to 500kV.

Our crews know and practice best practices for handling and installing OPGW and ADSS cable to ensure the proper pulling tension, bending radius and splicing techniques.

Regardless of the size or environmental challenges a project poses, our employees have years of experience working with modern COR-TEN steel structures and ACSR cable.

With our engineering partners, we repair and build 69kV to 765kV T-lines that meet our utility customers’ transmission needs and timetables.

When utilities need a quick response to unplanned outages, we safely deliver electric transmission restoration for investor-owned utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives.

Our team has experience with excavation and an array of conditions in the field that dictate any number of foundations such as concrete caissons, direct embed and grillage.