APS – Morgan to Sun Valley 500kV Transmission Project - Construction only

Install approximately 38 miles 500 kV transmission line mainly on self-supporting steel tube structures. Installation of drilled pier anchor bolt foundations, SWPPP BMPs, material yards and handling of all material. Construct, improve and maintain all right-of –way access roads as defined. Installation of all insulators, hardware, triple bundle conductor, dampers, grounding and all other necessary appurtenances to construct this project.

Pioneer – Greentown to Reynolds 765kV Transmission Project - Construction only

Construct a new 765kV line in central Indiana using self-supporting, 4 legged lattice towers constructed on concrete foundations. The line will utilize a 6-Bundle 795 kcm (45/7) ACSR conductor and two (2) optical ground wires will be installed. The 765kV line will be a green field project, built on new centerline.

AEP – Sorenson 765kV East & West Transmission Project - Construction only

Construct 2 new single circuit 765kV transmission lines. Each line will originate from tap points on the existing Dumont-Marysville 765kV line and will terminate at Sorenson Station. The Sorenson 765kV Extension, West line will be 6.46 miles long and will consist of 33 lattice towers. The Sorenson 765kV East line will be 8.16 miles long and will consist of 37 lattice towers.

PSE&G – Hudson & Essex 230kV Substation Upgrade Project - Procurement & Construction

Provide all technical and procurement services for two (2) 230kV, 80kA substation upgrade projects as part of the North East Grid Project. The Hudson Substation is a Upgraded 230kV, (7) bay, breaker and a half substation built in place of an existing 230kV substation. The Essex Substation is an Upgraded 230kV, (5) bay, breaker and half substation constructed on an existing substation site. Provided all technical services including: engineering, design, and procurement of major substation equipment (building, panels, steel, and emergency generators). Provided construction support for the project duration.

APS – North Valley 230/500kV Transmission Project - Procurement & Construction

Provide all personnel, supervision, and equipment to build a 500/230kV Transmission Line from the TS9 Substation located south of State Route 74 east of the Agua Fria River to the Pinnacle Peak Station located on the north side of Pinnacle Peak Rd. west of Scottsdale Rd. a total distance of 27 miles.  Construct a double circuit line of 500/230kV with (3) 1780 ACSR 84/19 (Chukar) conductors per phase for 500kV and (1) 2156 ACSR 84/19 (Bluebird) conductor per phase for 230kV, plus two OPGW wires utilizing Tubular Steel Poles.  Install down leads, cushions, cable racks and OPGW defenders.