ECS specializes in large fixed price EHV transmission line, substation, and switchyard projects requiring solid and reliable long-term relationships with all specialty suppliers of EHV equipment and material. Whether it is supplying 1,800 500kV lattice structures or one 345kV gas insulated breaker, ECS delivers the purchasing knowledge and relationships to meet individual client specifications and schedules. And although we have key supplier relationships with all major manufacturers, ECS believes competitive bidding offers its clients the lowest market price. All suppliers are qualified by procurement specialists on ability to meet client scope and specifications, competitive pricing, delivery, technical support, customer service, warranty, and QA/QC programs. Our purchasing volume and expertise guarantees the transfer of the shortest manufacturing slots and the most competitive market prices to our clients. As a Mastec wholly owned subsidiary, ECS is able to provide its clients a 100% minority spend contribution.

Diverse Business Enterprises
ECS maintains outstanding relationships with Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE’s) while continually searching for new DBE suppliers and subcontractors.  ECS has a dedicated staff responsible for the administration and support of nurturing relationships that are a benefit to both ECS and its clients.  While ECS operates nationwide, we strive to locate local DBE's to provide both services and material.

ECS works with our current DBE's to assist them in obtaining new business by maintaining close, open and trusting relationships. ECS has established relationships with DBE’s through direct contact and support of our DBE Administrator.  ECS maintains a comprehensive list of DBE suppliers with detailed listings of capabilities to supplement work tasks within a project.

ECS is committed to maintaining all necessary documents and records to demonstrate our effort to achieve our clients’ DBE goals.  ECS has experience working with DBE's that have agreed to set up special relationships with non-DBE certified manufacturers.  These relationships allow ECS to procure project specific material from DBE's and surpass goals set forth by our clients.