T and D Power (TDP) is an ECS subsidiary construction company that is committed to combining superior technical knowledge with advanced safe workmanship methods in the development and construction of North American EHV electrical systems. TDP's construction capabilities, including both overhead and underground EHV transmission systems, substations, and switchyards, positively differentiate them from others in this industry. TDP efficiently mobilizes labor and equipment resources nationwide. Founded on an innovative "safety is the first priority" culture, and a dedication to retain industry leading expertise with direct access to the finest company owned specialized equipment fleet available, makes TDP the industry's value-added choice for EHV transmission construction and maintenance.

Consistent with the principals of integrity, innovation, and a teamwork approach with our clients we insist on continuously improving the safety of our employees, the quality of our craftsmanship and the project execution of our teams. As the top choice for construction services in this sector we are expected to deliver consistent solutions and positive results with a commitment to our core values.

TDP is a full-service EHV construction company founded by EC Source (ECS) principals and managed with one main focus; to deliver a previously unattained level of performance in EHV construction while maintaining industry leading safety and environmental stewardship standards. To accomplish that mandate, TDP has undertaken an unparalleled mission of: recruiting and securing the “best of the best” construction professionals in the industry, developing and implementing sophisticated ongoing safety and technical training and pursuing challenging projects that demand our considerable expertise. Couple this with our direct access to one of the most impressive fleets of ultra engineered, extreme duty EHV equipment in the country and TDP is not only far better resourced than our would be competitors, but also completely focused on one thing and one thing only, delivering construction results which are both historically and currently unmatched.

One of the primary reasons for  TDP's success is our current employment of industry leading middle and upper management construction professionals. Our key employees have taken part in the most critical 500 and 345kV projects of the last 30 years. Our current construction managers have a combined 250 plus years of successful industry experience, with nearly all of those years committed to the construction of EHV transmission and station facilities.

Construction Capabilities

Our services include the construction and maintenance of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines, substations, switchyards and underground and overhead transmission systems, up to and including 765k. Our business plan revolves around the deployment of large scale extra high-voltage (EHV) programs and projects.  We are structured through our parent, subsidiaries and alliance partners to deploy up to 750 personnel to a single transmission system. We pride ourselves as an innovative and committed partner capable of delivering consistent results no matter the size or complexity of the project.

How we operate
T&D Power has made an overriding commitment to its employees and project partners to meet and exceed industry standards for safety. We make this commitment knowing that it requires senior management to be fully engaged in the discovery and implementation of the most current training available as well as insisting on the continuation of effective time tested safety rules. T&D Powers’ commitment to safety is the envy of the industry. As a result of the research, development and implementation of “task specific” training modules that incorporate the most current training, makes us able to greatly reduce the risk of injury. This approach means that the employees assigned to each project, as well as the workman assigned to each task will have the most advanced, relevant training available.

T&D Power‘s philosophy of task specific training is equally impressive when considering the effects of construction activities on our environment. We have invested heavily in specialized construction techniques and training tools designed to make our forces less disruptive and more aware of the environment. This means that because of our continual training, our actions can avoid or minimize the environmental impact of construction activities.

Our management philosophy requires that we identify and retain the very best management and supervision force in the industry regardless of work load fluctuations. This means that we always have the necessary lead personnel and management to spread through all phases of any size project(s). Couple this permanent force with the highly skilled labor supplied by the IBEW local unions and we can deploy hundreds of qualified craft persons with the appropriate supervision on very short notice if required.

Lastly, not only has our equipment fleet been organized and designed with safety and environmental factors in mind, it is also been built to the most demanding standards for the highest level performance under the most rigorous conditions. T&D’s parent company ECS has an ongoing operation in place which builds all mission critical equipment to meet these high standards.