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1138 N Alma School Rd. Suite 220 Mesa, AZ 85201

Montgomery County Power Substation South



Project Location:

Service(s) Provided:
Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC)

Both lines were rebuilt using 666 kCMIL ACSS “Flamingo” conductors to a rating of 313 MVA. The rebuilt 138kV lines entered both the Fort Worth Pipe Substation and the Sheawill Substation at the same locations as existing. Upgraded the limiting substation equipment at both the Fort Worth Pipe Substation and Sheawill Substation to support the overall new required ratings of 287 MVA.

Installed two (2) new 230kV circuit breakers, installed a new bay to the East of the existing bay and installed the necessary bus work, disconnected switches, and dead-end structures to allow for an ultimate build-out of a six (6) breaker ring bus. At the completion of this project the Porter substation was a three (3) breaker ring bus with provisions to install three (3) additional line terminals.