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Natchez to Red Gum 230kV Substation & Transmission Line Project



Project Location:

Service(s) Provided:
Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC)

Rebuilt the existing 11.4-mile Natchez SES-Red Gum 115kV line to 230kV standards and modified existing Red Gum 115kV Substation, modified the existing Red Gum 115kV Substation, and upgraded terminal equipment to meet the minimum of 1303 Amp (260MVA) rating. The new line was constructed to 230kV design standards, but initially operated at 115kV. The transmission line rebuild project included a 6,100-foot crossing over the Mississippi River. The existing towers and crossing conductors were removed, new crossing structures were installed on either side of Mississippi River, and non-standard conductors and shield wires were installed.